Corporate Social Responsibility

From its inception, Kipling has strived to implement policies and encourage practices that demonstrate in a real and measurable way its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

It starts with our people. Employment opportunities within Kipling are available to both qualified males and females equally, free from discrimination with regard to race, ancestry, colour, age, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, religion, language, pardoned conviction or physical or mental disability. Employment decisions at Kipling will be based on factors of merit, competence, and qualifications. It is our Policy to select the best-qualified person for each position and to promote from within.

This approach can clearly be seen in the profile of our staff: 62% are women and 35% would self-identify as a visible minority. In addition, of the 9 positions identified as at a management level, 6 or (66 2/3%) are occupied by women.

Kipling’s corporate culture encourages and empowers our employees to give back to the community that we operate in and the communities that our employees live in. We tend to gravitate towards children’s charities and initiatives as our founders have a long history of supporting and volunteering with children’s oriented charities and foundations. We have participated as a company in Hospital for Sick Children fundraisers and individually as volunteers with both the Children’s Aid Society and Children’s Aid Foundation, which funds child abuse prevention programs across Canada.

Kipling offers paid days off to allow employees to volunteer their services for causes they support and we also offers a mechanism for employees to seek financial support for their personal causes. As an example, a number of our female employees are actively involved in CREW Network, which works to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.

Kipling is also committed to reducing its footprint on our Planet Earth. This starts with our own office premises. We work closely with designers and suppliers to ensure that our office premises are as energy efficient as possible. We integrate recycled products at every opportunity and work with companies, such as Interface, who have a core corporate commitment to significantly reducing their carbon footprint. All lighting is energy efficient and all office equipment is Energy Star products. Recycling programs are in place within the office and we offer limited conventional filing space to deter printing of documents and encourage cloud storage.

Kipling works closely with the owners of the buildings we manage to improve the efficiency of their buildings, conserve energy all while increasing occupant comfort. One of the buildings under management is LEED EBOM GOLD certified and another building managed is home to a Living Wall and Green Roof, that Kipling maintains. Kipling has extensive prior experience in operating LEED certified buildings and assisting their owners in obtaining LEED certifications. Kipling has also implemented electronics and battery recycling programs at its managed buildings.

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