Commercial Property Management


Kipling has set a new standard for the property management industry in creating a leading edge service delivery model. Integrated Management Solutions is an innovative approach to commercial property management that utilizes highly skilled operations specialists to maximize the performance of the real estate asset in a more streamlined and cost efficient manner than the traditional commercial property management model.

As the business of property management becomes more and more complex with technological innovation, sustainability and regulatory programs, it is imperative that building staff are constantly re-trained and re-educated to maximize the performance of a real estate asset into which substantial investment has been made.

Kipling’s Integrated Management Solutions approach provides best in class commercial property management services by bringing the industry’s best people in at ground level – experts who know building operations and are trained to provide the highest level of customer service and building performance. These facilities experts are provided through Black & McDonald, one of Canada’s largest facilities management companies with over 5000 employees coast to coast.

Service Excellence

Kipling Group’s dedicated team of real estate professionals understands that the most important aspect of property management is service excellence. We offer customized commercial property management services to address the needs of our diverse clientele and provide well-executed strategies that offer value for tenants and maximize returns for investors. Our success reflects our understanding that it is only exceptional service that sets us apart. We focus on quality at every level from the building operator through to the senior management team. Working together with our clients to create exceptional building services is what we do best.


Kipling’s team has been involved in over 20 million square feet of lease transactions. Our reputation is exemplary, working closely with the real estate community to achieve occupancy levels and lease rates that often exceed market conditions.


At Kipling, we embrace change and growth. We strive to continuously innovate. We are creative thinkers dedicated to enhancing the value of our portfolio for the benefit of our clients. We are poised to face the continued evolution of technology and market dynamics with a clear focus and the resources to make a difference.

Our People

Recruiting people whose skills and competencies closely match the core values of our organization is a cornerstone of Kipling’s success. By having the right people in the right job we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible. Our team is empowered to act quickly and responsibly to address issues, identify opportunities and to always represent our clients’ best interests. From these ingredients come the focus and passion that make Kipling an unparalleled provider of management services.

Disciplined Business Planning

Accurate, timely and in-depth budgeting and reporting is fundamental to Kipling’s property management role. Using best of class, secure financial systems, our seasoned accounting and finance team provides flexible and scalable budgeting and reporting packages to our clients, including online secure access.

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